Monday, August 10, 2015

The day started with...

The day started with silence. My mom had finally gone quiet in the living room and it was eary, only to be able to hear the cars as the ceiling had lightened into a pale gray. I waited just long enough to need to sprint through my morning routine so as to focus on the task at hand, and only see my mother as the blur she obviously felt she was. Laptop, Bananna, shoes; laptop, bannana, shoes. I slid on my socks to the kitchen slamming my hip into the counter. Laptop, bananna, ow, shoes. Laptop, shoes. I shoved the Bananna into the bag and shoved my fingers through my long hair, traces of my braid lingering but nothing yanking at my scalp and suggesting me as unpresentable for the coffee shop. Laptop followed the banana, maybe not the best choice. Shoes, shoes, shoes, PANTS. I run back to my room and grab the first pair lying on the floor and ram my toes into my shoes. Laptop, banana, shoes. I shoved the door closed behind me with my shoulder imprinting the numbers onto my skin bruise style. 1108, eleventh floor of hell. I had lived there as long as i could remember. I remembered it the same way I remembered my birthday November 8th. But it had never been a happy day. It was also the day the apartment became mine and my mothers. It was the day we became I and the only time mom moved was at night. Like an owl she was nocturnal the only evidence of life, the rearrangements of the flasks and grime back and forth. It was such a routine only broken up by odd things like renovations. This week it was the top floor damage control taking up the elevator with painters and overly heavy material. The stupid renovations happened again and again but everything in this place is broken. When are they going to learn? We are a garden of graffiti and taken advantage of by mind addled teens. I have no idea what Mr. Collingwood would think of his once "Manor". His town was defiled, lacy skimpy pieces of fabric crossing his mighty chest in the park, making the regal man look ridiculous in the women's undergarments.  


  1. Hello Charlotte, my apologies this is so late. I was planning for my character to begin the investigation at the Business Express, so maybe he could run into your character at the dog parade on the way, or the coffee shop, since that's where your character hangs out? You can start, or I can as we only have tonight to do it...

    1. I wrote seeing him lurking at the dog parade. Ill put it up now.